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Gun Instructor

“I want to thank you again for you instruction and guidance yesterday in the Handgun License Class. You helped me clear a personal hurdle. I appreciate the time and patience you exhibited in the class. I will continue to practice the skills and procedures you taught to me including, "get your finger off the trigger".

If I can be a service to you as a reference, etc., please let me know.

Thank you,

"Hi Don,

I didn't want the day to pass before thanking you for your dedication and passion for teaching us how to use our guns, how to have fun using them, safety when using them, and sharing a part of your life with us. Seldom do we find someone who gives of themselves as you do. For someone who is retired, I don't think you have a spare moment. If it were up to me, you would have a line out your door, waiting to take gun classes, because I can't think of anyone more knowledgeable that can teach the most experienced down to the beginner, like me. I would tell anyone and everyone that they don't have to worry about passing the concealed carry class, because you make sure everyone knows the information backwards and forwards before they take the test, and they will get the expert instruction to feel secure about shooting their guns.

I can't believe that we forgot to have lunch! I hope you weren't starving by the time we finished, but I guess I just lost track of time. I really could have listened to your stories and examples of case law for days, and I'm not too sorry we missed lunch, because we just got to ask more questions and laugh a little more. I also want to thank-you for the one-on-one classes, because when people have very little time to spare, like my husband, it meant the world that you could adjust your schedule to ours. 

Tulsa is missing out if they haven't had a chance to take a class or hear you speak. We're looking forward to taking a third class from you, sometime soon. -R.M."

Your teaching style is one that I can really relate to. You have a great knowledge of the subject matter and and an outstanding talent for presenting it. You are also very patient with everyone.

“Upon meeting the instructor, I began to feel quite comfortable in the environment that Don had created in which to teach his concealed carry course. Having been around people of all skill levels handling firearms of all types, I was appreciative of his first rule of not allowing guns, loaded or unloaded, into the classroom.
After a brief introduction, our objectives were clearly outlined so that we all knew what was in store for us as well as what would be expected of us in the hours to come.

Each part of the class was broken into readily identifiable segments, the first of which we jumped eagerly into. The class was structured quite logically, for example we covered safety before we proceeded to the shooting part. This consistency was exhibited throughout the class.

At all times, Don was very receptive to our questions and comments, even encouraging them, all while making carefully chosen illustrations so that he was certain that we fully understood his points. He was also very clear to differentiate what was statistical fact, and what was his opinion.

Every now and then, we would take a quick break so that we remained attentive and in focus. Somehow, these breaks seemed to come just at the right time.

Taking the test went smoothly, but could have been better perhaps, if a no talking rule had been in effect. The reason being that some people literally blasted through the test in no time, while others took a bit longer and needed the quiet so that they didn’t get distracted by the other’s (mine included, and I apologize for that) chattering in the background.

Once we were on the shooting range, it was made implicitly clear that we were to follow the rangemaster’s directions to the letter. Every order was made loudly and clearly, even being repeated several times to assure there was no question as to what we were supposed to do. Don seemed very knowledgeable of firearms and safe gun handling practices. I believe that this fact made the students respond immediately and without question to his instructions. This is exactly as it should be. I fully believe that, had any one of us failed to follow his instructions, we would have been removed from the range promptly.
In summary, Don’s class was top notch in its location, as well as its execution. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to show his or her support for our second amendment rights, and those just wanting to enjoy the benefits of a legally concealed carry firearm, to look up Don Roberts by emailing him at…  Or by calling him at… (918) 688-9314 You will not regret it.
                                  Sincerely, J.W.”

Just wanted you say thanks for a good class experience for Concealed Carry on Friday. You are to be commended for doing it as if it was still new material for you----as often as you have taught this, it would be easy to be lacking in detail and lacking in enthusiasm---that was anything but the case in this class! Thanks for making it meaningful and thought provoking. Your use of examples (especially the real life ones) really helped bring home the points that were important and needed clarification.
I was able to take all my filled out forms, pictures, cashier's checks, etc. in to our Sheriff's office today and get it all turned in. You helped make this all organized and I had everything I needed. Now I just have to wait patiently for the next few months!
Again, thanks for the information and a good learning experience.
                                          Sincerely yours,  RF"

Thank you for re-instilling some good safety habits in one day of your CCW training course! All day while I was out there I kept thinking about the emphasis on weapon handling you made during the class time as well as more-less going through the steps you had us go through on the firing line as we shot.

THANK YOU! As a result of this now being the foremost thought as I was handling my gun I realize how good you are and what a class act you are.

Not sure if you remember me telling you I was looking to get a S&W .22 semi after playin' with your’s...well, I did. LOVE IT!
Take care Amigo!


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